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PWP 8  Picture Window Pro 8

Picture Window Pro is a powerful image editing tool designed for serious photographers with demanding creative and quality standards.
Its comprehensive set of photo manipulation and retouching tools allow you to control and shape every aspect of your images.

Picture Window Pro

Selected Picture Window Pro Features


Supports multiple monitors
Supports high resolution monitors
Support for 16-bit black and white and 48-bit color images
Multi-core support for fast editing

Non-destructive Editing

Picture Window's image tree captures and organizes your workflow and lets you modify any editing step at any time.
Side branches let you compare the results of different settings.
Image Tree
Workflows can be saved in script files so you can re-use or recreate them at any time
Batch automation of repetitive operations

Sharpening and Blurring

Multilevel Bilateral Sharpening
Advanced Sharpen
Unsharp Mask
Sharpen - Before  Sharpen - After

Gaussian Blur
Precise Gaussian Blur
Blur - Before  Blur - After
Motion blur
Zoom blur

Masking tools

Mask Dialog
Selectable mask mode, color and transparency
Freehand outline
Rectangles or ovals
Polygons or spline curves
Masking by color range
Mask paint tool
Masking by brightness level
Flood fill (magic wand)
Masking by color similarity
Masking by texture
Linear and oval gradients
Pinhole removal
Median filtering
Mask curve adjustment

Image compositing

Composite - After  Composite - After

Image Comparison

Moving curtain


Perspective correction
Warp - Before  Warp - After
Horizon leveling
Level - Before  Level - After
Cropping with composition guides
Add crop marks for printing
Crop Marks
Remove or add lens distortion
Lens Distortion - Before  Lens Distortion - After
Prepare stereo pairs for viewing as anaglyphs or side by side
Multi-image and text layouts


Basic and advanced color balancing tools
Color Balance - Before  Color Balance - After
Selective color correction
Selective Color Correction - Before  Selective Color Correction - After
Convert color to monochrome
Monochrome - Before  Monochrome - After
Remove purple fringe
Purple Fringe - Before  Purple Fringe - After
Dehaze - Before  Dehaze - After
Tinting black and white images
Tint - Before  Tint - After

Special effects

Kaleidoscope Before  Kaleidoscope After
Posterize Before  Posterize After
Conformal mapping
Conformal Mapping Before  Conformal Mapping After
Watercolor Before  Watercolor After


Clone - Before  Clone - After
Speck removal
Speck Removal - Before  Speck Removal - After
Scratch removal
Scratch Removal - Before  Scratch Removal - After
Redeye removal
Redeye - Before  Redeye - After
Line and Arrow
Line and Arrow

Save Transparent PNG files

Transparent PNG

Frame and mat images



Magnifier Tool


Readout Tool


Histogram/Waveform Tool

Histogram  Waveform

Tiled Printing

Tiled Printing - Before  Tiled Printing - After

Color Management

Full color management with support for gray and color ICC profiles including monitor, scanner, printer and proofing profiles and gamut alarm
Color Management
Monitor/Printer curves for more accurate matching from monitor to printer
Monitor/Printer Curves

Custom camera and scanner profile creation
Create Profile

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