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  Picture Window Pro 8.0 Downloads

Picture Window Pro 8.0 Installer

This installs the main program including the help file and extras (color lines, curves, frames and tiles, sample images, shapes and textures) . The tutorial and reference manuals are not included and must be downloaded separately (see below). Picture Window Pro requires a computer using 64-bit Windows 7 or later. Several features related to advanced high resolution and multiple monitor support require Windows 10.

Picture Window Pro 8.0 Installer – Version 8.0.441 Last updated 23-Jul-2024

A copy of the open source program Alt_Menu_Acceleration_Disabler is installed along with Picture Window Pro to deal with some issues with the way Windows treats the Alt key. When re-installing Picture Window Pro, it is normal to see a warning message regarding the program Alt_menu_acceleration_disabler being in use. Just click OK to continue.

Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable DLLs – Download and run if you get an error message about missing the file MSVCP140.dll or VCRUNTIME140_1.dll when you launch the installer. You should only need to do this once if at all.

Picture Window Pro – Last updated 23-Jul-2024

If you have already downloaded the full version as described above and want to update just the core Picture Window program, as a convenience, you can download it separately as a zip file. When you unzip the file (by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer), you can then drag PWP 8.0.exe to the Picture Window Pro folder (typically C:\Program Files\Digital Light & Color\Picture Window Pro 8). Note that this gets you the latest version of PWP 8.0.exe only and not the latest help file, bitmaps, or any other supporting files and folders. Most of the time, the only thing that changes from one minor release to another is this one file, which is a very much smaller download than the full installer. If you notice missing bitmaps or want to make sure you have the latest help file, download and install the full version. If you just want to catch up on a bug fix or a minor new feature and don't want to download the full version, you can download and install just the executable file. If you want to be safe, download and install the full version.

Picture Window Pro 8.0 Release Notes – A brief overview of this release

Release Notes – Last updated 28-Oct-2019

Picture Window Pro 8.0 Update Log – A list of all changes starting with the first (25-Mar-2018) alpha release

Update Log – Last updated 17-Jul-2024

Picture Window Tutorial

Tutorial – An introduction to using Picture Window Pro 8

Picture Window Pro 8 Tutorial – Last Updated 25-Jan-2024

Picture Window Help

  A copy of the Picture Window help file in PDF format

Picture Window Pro 8 Help – Last Updated 20-Jul-2024

Picture Window Pro 8 Reference Manuals

Batch Processing

Batch Processing – Last Updated 14-Jul-2024

Black and White Processing

Black and White Processing – Last Updated 22-Jul-2024

Black and White – Script and example file for the document. Last Updated 21-Jul-2024

To install the files, download the zip file, double click on it to open the compressed folder, drag its contents to a new (uncompressed) folder on your computer, and then double-click on the script file. When Picture Window asks for a file to open, navigate to the file Example.jpg in the folder containing the script file.

Color Spaces

Color Spaces – Last Updated 22-Feb-2022

Color Management

Color Management – Last Updated 18-Oct-2022


Controls – Last Updated 14-Jun-2024

Creating and Using Custom Brush Shapes

Creating and Using Custom Brush Shapes – Last Updated 23-Sep-2023

Creating and Using Masks

Creating and Using Masks – Last Updated 19-Mar-2024

Curves and Histograms

Curves and Histograms – Last Updated 23-Oct-2023

Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking – Last Updated 18-Jun-2023

Geotagging Images

Geotagging Images – Last Updated 1-Jan-2022

Image Stitching for Panoramas

Image Stitching for Panoramas – Last Updated 4-Jul-2024

IR Photography

IR Photography – Last Updated 25-Feb-2024

Lens and Camera Profiles

Lens and Camera Profiles – Last Updated 1-Jan-2022

Multipass Sharpening

Multipass Sharpening – Last Updated 1-Jan-2022


Printing– Last Updated 18-Oct-2022


Scripts– Last Updated 13-Oct-2022

Split Processing

Split Processing– Last Updated 14-May-2024


Transformations – Last Updated 16-May-2024

  Slide Show Viewer 1.0

Slide Show Viewer is a stand-alone program that can display a folder containing JPEG or TIFF files as a slide show. You can customize slide shows, including the use of the so-called Ken Burns effect that lets you pan and zoom images. Slide shows can be operated manually or can be configured to auto-advance after a selected interval. Slides are loaded at full resolution and can be zoomed or scrolled while viewing. For detailed usage information, please see the included help file.

Slide Show Viewer Installer

This installs the main program including its help file.

Slide Show Viewer 1.0 Installer – Version 1.0.14 - Last updated 7-Oct-2023

Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable DLLs – Download and run if you get an error message about missing the file MSVCP140.dll or VCRUNTIME140_1.dll when you launch the installer. You should only need to do this once if at all.


Mezzotint Textures

A large, optional download containing a graduated set of mezzotint textures for use with the Add Texture, Monochrome and Halftone transformations. This is a zip file that includes a folder named Mezzotint. Drag this folder to My Documents\Picture Window Pro\Textures.


Mezzotint – Last updated 25-Mar-2018


A program I wrote a long time ago and recently revived -- Ephemeris computes the rise and set times and positions of the Sun and Moon for any given date and location. – Last Updated 8-Mar-2022

To install and run Ephemeris, just unzip the files to a folder and run Ephemeris.exe. The included PDF file provides instructions on how to use it.

DoF  DoF

DoF is an advanced graphical depth of field calculator for Windows. Click here for more information.

Discontinued Software

Picture Window Pro 7.20, Color Mechanic, Profile Mechanic, Frame Explorer and other currently discontinued software can be downloaded by clicking here.

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